Deziree Vol. 3: Submission Deadline


Preparations for Deziree Volume 3 are underway.  We are still looking for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry about travel, exploration, and adventure.  We would also like to include more photography this go round, particularly travel photography.  The deadline for Vol. 3 submissions is May 19.


Deziree Volume 3 Open for Submissions: Adventure is Out There!

Ellie Badge

Deziree Volume 3 for April/May of 2017 is now open for submissions.  For Volume 3 we are looking for work dealing with adventure, exploration, and discovery.  Stories can be fiction or non-fiction.  If you want an idea of what we are looking for, think of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Jules Verne, The Swiss Family Robinson, the writings of real life explorer’s T.E. Lawrence and Richard Francis Burton.  In terms of photography we’d love to see photographs from world travel, nature/wildlife photography, and photos of urban exploration.  Other visual arts should be in a similar vein.  Send us your swashbuckling best!

In the words of famed explored Charles F. Muntz “Adventure is out there!”

Photograph/artwork: Hand crafted “Ellie Badge” inspired by Pixar’s Up by Janelle Jex.  This badge, as fans of Disney and Pixar well know, signifies membership in an exclusive Adventurer’s Club and is the highest conceivable honor for adventurers and Wilderness Explorers alike.


The Book Fairies


Deziree vol. 2 is underway and will be available before the end of March.  In the meantime, go check out the work being done by the Book Fairies:

Inspired by programs like Books on the Underground,, the Book Fairies are a worldwide group that help spread the magic of good books by leaving them in random places for people to find.  Each book has a sticker on it that reads: “Take this Book, read it, & leave it for the next person to enjoy.”

On International Women’s Day, UN Ambassador and actress Emma Watson, traveled around New York City leaving books like “Half the Sky:  Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide” and other works at various locales important to Feminist history like the Gertrude Stein Memorial, the Harriet Tubman Memorial and others.

Anyone can join the Book Fairies movement by requesting stickers from the group.  At Deziree we whole heartedly endorse any effort to spread the love of reading and the arts.  Go check out what they are doing!

(photo from the Book Fairies Webpage)


Seeking Submissions for Vol. 2

Deziree is currently seeking submissions of fiction, flash fiction, art, poetry, and photography for Volume 2 which will be released at the end of March 2017.  The deadline for submissions to be considered for Volume 2 will be March 15.  If interested, please send submissions with a brief bio to


Deziree Vol. 1 – Jan.-Feb. 2017

Deziree Volume 1 is available for download and features poetry, flash fiction, photography and art. Contributors include: Shaun Jex, Kara Jex, Janelle Jex, Denise Cuppett, Kamron Capps, Jacqueline Colt Marchioni, and Kyle Jung.